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Benefits of freeze dryer application in bear bile lyophilized powder

Release Date: 2019/12/21 17:33:54 .
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Benefits of freeze dryer application in bear bile lyophilized powder
The advantages of freeze dryer in bear bile lyophilized powder, compared with bear bile dry powder processed by traditional drying methods, bear bile lyophilized powder has the following three characteristics:
1. Better quality: The freeze dryer can remove 95% -98% of the water content of bear bile, which can be stored for a long time and is not easy to deteriorate; the core taurine ursodeoxycholic acid content and taurine chenodeoxycholic acid content are relatively dried. The powder increased from 40% to 66%; the freshness of the medicinal materials is better; the impurities such as cholesterol and calcium salts are lower.
2. Yield is lower: Because of the reduction of water content and impurities, the weight of bear bile powder obtained by freeze-drying technology will be reduced by about 30% when the same weight of bear bile is added.
3. Higher prices: Due to the lower yield of bear bile lyophilized powder and the greater energy consumption of lyophilization technology, the production cost of lyophilized powder is much higher than that of dried powder, and the market price is of course much higher than that of dried powder.
Since the early 1980s, based on the introduction of foreign technology, and through the unremitting efforts of scientific research units, a series of technical systems have been established, including black bear captive breeding, artificial breeding, and live bear gall bladder, which have promoted the emergence and development of the bear breeding industry. . After another 30 years of development, the technique of live bear bile extraction has been transformed from tube drainage to autologous tissue ostomy fistula extraction, that is, tubeless drainage, which is a technological innovation of traditional drainage methods. This largely eliminated the pain of black bears, a major advance in animal welfare, and made bear bile powder production easier.

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