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Food process freeze dryer for freeze drying of edible wild mushrooms

Release Date: 2019/11/27 18:26:44 .
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Food process Freeze Dryer has the advantages of lyophilization of edible wild mushrooms. Fresh wild or artificially cultivated edible wild mushrooms are used as raw materials, and the raw materials are pretreated, pre-frozen, freeze-dried, post-processed, inspected and packaged to obtain products. The flavor substances and nutritional components of the wild fungus products, the color, appearance and flavor of the products can better maintain the original quality characteristics of the edible fungi, the loss of nutritional components is minimal, the consumption is convenient, and the shelf life is long. The freeze dryer is used in the lyophilization and deep processing of edible wild mushrooms. Its technology has advanced, feasible, strong operability, and wide range of applications. It can be made into mushroom-shaped, sliced, and block-shaped products without shrinkage. I like to add ingredients to stir-fry, boil, and cook. It is safe, hygienic, and has the unique flavor of fresh products.
The condiments of instant noodles more than ten years ago are mostly powdery. Today, the condiments of high-end instant noodles are added with boiling water, green shredded shreds, red radish, and fragrant beef diced. They are like fresh, these are freeze-dried food. It is essentially different from air-dried food, sun-dried food, and quick-frozen food, and it is the latest achievement of high-tech to solve the problem of food preservation. It preserves the various nutritional components of food to the maximum extent, and retains the color, aroma and taste of food. Vacuum freeze-drying technology is currently the best processing technology in the world. With the progress of society and the improvement of people's living standards, freeze-dried food is no longer the exclusive food of astronauts. It will be an important convenience food in the 21st century and will enter the food consumption of ordinary people. Everyone knows that fresh foods have a high water content, and microorganisms and enzymes easily work to make foods spoil.

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