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Read the temperature of the freeze dryer and winter maintenance

Release Date: 2019/11/9 17:44:27 .
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Read the temperature of the freeze dryer and winter maintenance
In the adjustment process, it is often necessary to pay attention to the temperature change of the freeze dryer, which can be judged from the low pressure gauge. Let's take a look at it:
How to read the temperature of the freeze dryer
1. Adjust the superheat of the expansion valve (that is, adjust the evaporation temperature of the dryer);
2. Adjust the hot gas bypass valve. In the process of adjustment, look at the low pressure gauge. In theory, the greater the pressure, the greater the evaporation temperature, and the greater the dew point of the compressed air pressure. Of course, under normal circumstances, the pressure dew point of the refrigerating dryer is 2 degrees Celsius ~ 10 degrees Celsius, and the pressure gauge of the refrigerant gauge is generally 0.3MPa~0.6MPa.
When installing the air conditioner, the outdoor unit should not be higher than the indoor unit. The reason is that if the outdoor unit is higher than the indoor unit, the refrigerating machine oil in the compressor will flow into the indoor unit with the refrigerant, and the compressor cannot be sucked into the compressor by itself. The operation of the case will result in wear of the compressor bearings (commonly known as "broom"), which, in serious cases, causes the compressor to burn out.
How to avoid refrigerant leakage in refrigerated dryer
1. Welding should be firm: prevent welding and false welding;
2, caused by vibration (mainly the vibration of the copper pipe at the inlet and outlet of the condenser): by changing the way of bending or properly fixed;
3. The gas entering the refrigerating dryer must be filtered by a precision filter to prevent the gas impurities from colliding with the evaporator at high speed to break the copper tube;
4, to prevent the condenser and copper tube bruises
How to maintain the freezer dryer in winter? How to prevent being frozen?
If it is water-cooled, when the ambient temperature is below 0 °C, it is best to stop using it and vent the water in the water condenser. If the air-cooled type has no special maintenance, the ambient temperature is lower than 0 degrees, and the same should be stopped. In the southern region, there are no special maintenance requirements. When your ambient temperature is less than 0 degrees, there is basically no water. It should be known that the freezing temperature of the refrigerating dryer is 2-10 degrees!

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