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Application of freeze-drying technology in drying of Dendrobium candidum

Release Date: 2019/7/12 17:06:01 .
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Application of freeze-drying technology in drying of Dendrobium candidum
With the continuous development of vacuum freeze-drying technology, it is also widely used in the field of Chinese herbal medicine. For example, freeze-dried Dendrobium is a vacuum freeze dryer to replace the traditional drying and drying process, and to retain the active ingredients of fresh Dendrobium candidum. To play the health benefits of Dendrobium candidum.
What is the promotion of freeze-dried sputum to the development of freeze-dried sarcophagus?
1, from the cost performance point of view
There are many types of freeze dryers available; while the production freeze dryers are expensive, it is difficult for the Dendrobium candidum to bear this part of the cost, and it is not conducive to the stone boring process, which is not conducive to the promotion of vacuum freeze drying technology.
2, from the performance point of view
Compared with the traditional small laboratory freeze dryer, the small freeze dryer has a one-key freeze-drying function, which is free from the complicated manual operation of the freeze-drying process.
What are the benefits of vacuum freeze drying technology in the application of Dendrobium candidum?
1. Freeze-dried Dendrobium candidum is frozen at minus tens of degrees and dried under vacuum.
2. Freeze-dried Dendrobium Dendrobium is a broken stone scorpion, and the active ingredients are easily dissolved.
3, freeze-dried Dendrobium candidum completely broken, no need to cook, can be directly chewed, tea, beaten, powdered and convenient to take.
4. The quality of freeze-dried Dendrobium candidum is close to that of fresh Dendrobium candidum. The active ingredients remain intact, and the active substances and volatile components are retained to the utmost extent.
5, freeze-dried Dendrobium can be directly chewed or soaked in water, vacuum frozen to kill bacteria and spores, taking safe and hygienic.
6, freeze-dried Dendrobium candidum water content ≤ 5%, can be stored for a long time without deterioration.
Comparison of freeze-dried Dendrobium candidum with traditional dry sarcophagus:
1, from the appearance
Freeze-dried Dendrobium Dendrobium: The appearance is fresh and full, and the natural color is interpreted. The diameter is the same as the fresh Dendrobium.
Traditional dry sarcophagus: dried or dried Dendrobium candidum or Tiepi Fengdou, the cells shrink and shrink as the water evaporates during the drying process.
2, from the protection of active ingredients
Freeze-dried Dendrobium candidum: Freeze-dried Dendrobium can retain white gum and retain its original ingredients to a great extent. Compared with the common traditional Dendrobium candidum, the active ingredient content is 30% higher than that of fresh Dendrobium.
Traditional dry sarcophagus: The traditional thermal method is mainly used, which easily causes the loss of bioactive substances in Dendrobium candidum, which reduces the efficacy of Dendrobium candidum by 40%. The temperature of the drying process can easily destroy the active ingredients of Dendrobium candidum, affecting the medicinal value and curative effect of Dendrobium candidum.
3. From the perspective of food safety
Freeze-dried Dendrobium candidum: Freeze-dried bacteria and spores on Dendrobium candidum can be frozen at a low temperature of minus tens of degrees and under vacuum.
Traditional dry sarcophagus: dried directly after harvesting, and pesticides and heavy metals remain more. To make tea, you need to cook for about 2 hours; directly powdered raw clothes, bacterial spores, pesticides and heavy metals remain more.

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