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How to choose the size of the lyophilizer

Release Date: 2019/4/12 17:14:11 .
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How to choose the size of the lyophilizer
The choice of the size of the lyophilizer can also be said to be the choice of capacity. The capacity of the lyophilizer should be selected according to the scale of the production or the needs of the experiment. Freeze-drying machines are generally divided into three series: experimental series, pilot-type and production-type series, and each series has models of different sizes.
The laboratory series freeze-drying machine is mainly used for scientific research. The lyophilization amount is very small. The icing capacity of the condenser is less than 10 kg per batch, the laminar area of ​​the freezing box is less than 0.5 square meter, and some laboratory freeze dryers are frozen. The dry box is of the bell type or multi-manifold type.
Pilot-scale and small-scale production series are used to expand testing and small production. The icing capacity of the condenser is between 10 and 40 kg per batch, and the slab area of ​​the lyophilization tank is between 0.5 and 2 square meters.
The production series of freeze dryers are used for industrial mass production. The icing capacity of the condenser is between 40 and 1600 kg per batch, and the slab area of ​​the lyophilization tank is between 3 and 80 square meters.
The user should decide which type of lyophilizer to choose based on his or her own production volume, and some data can be determined by calculation. For example, for each batch of products that need to be lyophilized to a volume of 200 kg (liter), the lyophilizer with a condenser freezing capacity of not less than 200 kg (liter) should be used first. The load area of ​​the freeze-dried tank deck is then calculated and the area calculation is related to the loading method of the product. The area used for the plate loading method and the bottle method is not necessarily the same. The panning method makes full use of the area of ​​the slab, and the bottling method requires a large slab area because the gap between the bottles is not fully utilized. Extension freeze dryer is a good choice for you!
If the disc loading method is used, the loading height of each disc is 20 mm, and the required sheet area for a 200 kg (liter) liquid is:
A (area, m2) = V (volume, m3) / H (height, m) Therefore: A = 0.2m3 / 0.02m = 10m2
That is to choose the lyophilizer with a lamellar area of ​​10m2, and check whether the condensation of the 10m2 lyophilizer can withstand 200kg (liter). If the requirements are met, you can use this model. Freeze dryer.
If the bottle method is used, the bottle used is a domestic penicillin bottle (Ф22 mm in diameter and 50 mm in height). The amount of each bottle is 5 ml.
First calculate the total number of bottles required for each batch:
N (number of bottles) = V (total volume ml) / V (ml per bottle)
Therefore: N = 200000ml / 5ml = 40000.
Then calculate the slab area of ​​the freezer: A (area m2) = a (m2 per bottle) * N (total number of bottles) Therefore A = (0.022 * 0.022) * 40000 = 19.36 m2
Since the round bottles are staggered from each other, the actual occupied area can be reduced, which can be roughly multiplied by a factor of 0.9. Namely: 19.36*0.9=17.4m2
A lyophilizer with a lamellar area of ​​17.4 m2 is available.
Check whether the condenser icing of the 17.4 square meter lyophilizer meets the requirements and if so, you can select it.
Sometimes the calculated area is not exactly the same as the actual model size, so you can't choose the model that Zui is close to. The distance between the layers of the freeze-dried box is also determined by the difference between the plate and the bottle. The height of the plate is generally 40-50mm, plus a gap of 50mm. The 100mm bottle can be selected according to the height of the bottle, which is roughly the height of the bottle plus 30mm. For example, the above 50 mm high 20 ml penicillin bottle requires a large lamellar distance for a bottle having a lamellar distance of 50 + 30 = 80 mm.
Sometimes the lyophilizer needs to use containers of different heights at different times, and a lyophilizer with adjustable slab distance can be used. This lyophilizer can easily combine two layers of layers into one layer, so that the distance between the layers is doubled.

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