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Why do we choose to freeze the vegetables with a freeze dryer?

Release Date: 2019/3/29 17:06:25 .
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Why do we choose to freeze the vegetables with a freeze dryer?
Beijing Songyuan Huaxing is a professional freeze dryer manufacturer in China. Songyuan Huaxing vegetable freeze dryer series are divided into: small in-situ vegetable freeze dryer, experimental vegetable freeze dryer, pilot-type vegetable freeze dryer, production. Type vegetable freeze dryer. Here we compare the three types of vegetables commonly used in the market, such as freeze-dried vegetables, dried vegetables, and dried vegetables. By comparing the five processes of production process, appearance, cut surface, taste and soaking, let you When you pick vegetables, you won’t be deceived.
First, the production process
Freeze-dried vegetables: freeze-dried vegetables are frozen and solidified by vacuum freeze-drying techniques. Under the conditions of low temperature and reduced pressure, the sublimation properties of ice are used to dehydrate the vegetables to dryness, and to make freeze-dried vegetables.
Dry vegetables: increase the room temperature of the drying room by artificial heating, accelerate the evaporation of vegetables and achieve the purpose of drying.
Dry vegetables: use alkaline water to remove the fruit wax on the surface of the fresh fruit, and then use the heat of the natural sunlight and the open air to naturally evaporate the water from the fresh fruit.
Analysis: Freeze-dried vegetables sublimate water vapor directly from the solid under vacuum conditions, while the material itself remains in the ice shelf when frozen, so it remains the same volume after drying and becomes loose, porous, rehydrating it is good. The biggest feature of the freeze-drying process is to preserve the color, aroma, taste, shape and nutrients of the original ecological food. It is also called aerospace food. It is a natural, green and safe nutritious food.
In the practice of drying the traditional drying process, the vegetables will be obviously damaged due to bruises, crushing, crushing and the like, resulting in a large loss of nutrients and blackening of the color. There are unscrupulous merchants who carry out sulfur fumigation and dyeing in order to make their colors look good.
Drying vegetables is between the new freeze-drying process and the traditional drying process. Which vegetables are more suitable for you, we will continue to evaluate other projects.
Freeze-dried vegetables: bright color, full granules, fresh vegetable shape and high surface dryness.
Dry vegetables: the color is dark red, slightly shiny, with a fleshy texture, fuller, irregular shape, and low surface dryness.
Drying vegetables: the color is dark red, most of them are not shiny, the shape is dry, the hand feels hard, the surface is dry, and there are occasional foreign objects.
Analysis: Due to the different production processes, the appearance of the dried fruits of the vegetables is very different. Freeze-dried vegetables have obvious differences between drying vegetables and drying vegetables. Not only are the colors bright, but the shape of the fruits is also full and beautiful; the dried vegetables look more meaty than the dried vegetables. Drying vegetables are generally open-air due to the production environment, which is easy to be doped with more sediment on the surface, which affects the quality of dried fruit.
Third, the face smell
Freeze-dried vegetables: lightly cut and broken, the internal pulp and fruit seeds are dry and easy to disperse, and can smell the fruity fragrance.
Dry vegetables: The flesh tissue is clearly visible, the hand feels soft, the internal adhesion is not dry after cutting, and the smell is not obvious.
Drying vegetables: dry inside, less flesh, loose structure, no obvious smell.
Analysis: Cut the dried fruits of vegetables, we can find that the dryness of freeze-dried vegetables is really high, the peel and pulp are very easy to break; during the drying process, the vegetables are affected by high temperature, and become soft to some extent, making drying Vegetables have a certain degree of adhesion, and at the same time, compared with the other two samples, the moisture content of the pulp is higher; the dried vegetables are less meaty, the dryness is relatively higher, and it is also harder.
Fourth, chewing taste
The dried fruit pieces are chewed at the entrance, and the taste of the three vegetables varies greatly. Freeze-dried vegetables have a very crispy taste like potato chips. The chew is easy to chew, and it is very sweet. The dried vegetables have a meaty texture, the flesh sticks together, and has a taste similar to raisins. It is slightly sticky and has the highest sweetness. It is easy to chew and dry, and has a bitter taste.
Analysis: Freeze-dried vegetables have the best taste and are suitable as snacks. The taste of dried vegetables is second, but the sweetest of the three samples, the taste of chewing is also good. Drying vegetables is not suitable for chewing, it is bitter and the hardness is too high.
5. Soaking water situation
Take a quantitative amount of vegetable soaked in warm water and observe the water soaking condition.
Freeze-dried vegetables: easy to absorb water and quickly restore the original state of the vegetables, the water body is light in color, the water quality is even, the vegetables are basically floating on the water surface, and the flesh is found to be soft after being taken out;
Dry vegetables: slow water absorption, can not quickly restore the original state, the color of the water gradually turns red and the color is darker, the water quality is more turbid, the vegetables sink more in the water, and the meat texture is still taken after taking out;
Drying vegetables: The shape does not change much, and it can't be restored to its original state. When it enters the water, it can make the water body change color, and the vegetables float on the water surface.
(When the cup of vegetables is warmed with water, the freeze-dried vegetables quickly restore the original state of the vegetables, the color penetration is slow and natural; the dried vegetables cause larger and heavier causes, and will sink in the water; drying the vegetables and adding water is soaking.)
(After 5 minutes, the freeze-dried vegetables are soaked in clear amber; the dried vegetables are the darkest in color and slightly turbid; the dried vegetables are light yellow.)
(After soaking for 5 minutes, the vegetables are deformed by water absorption, and the freeze-dried vegetables are basically restored to the original state of fresh vegetables. The shape of the dried vegetables does not change much. The vegetables after soaking up are eaten, and the freeze-dried vegetables retain a certain taste of vegetables and fruits.)
Analysis: Freeze-dried vegetables maintain the overall shape of fresh vegetables, and the taste and taste are similar to fresh vegetables. The shape of dried vegetables and dried vegetables is relatively dry, and the taste and taste are quite different from those of fresh vegetables. The dried vegetables taste sweeter and the vegetables are light and dry.
Due to the influence of the production process on the pulp of vegetables, the degree of color change of the water in the process of soaking water in vegetables is very different. Drying vegetables and drying vegetables in the long-term production, the structure of the flesh has changed a lot, so after soaking water, the flesh material can quickly ooze out and change the color of the water. This also shows that there may be a loss of vegetable nutrients during the production process.
Summary: freeze-dried vegetables, dried vegetables, and dried vegetables are different in the production process. The dryness of vegetables has obvious differences in terms of morphological smell, internal structure, taste and water soaking. Consumers can carry out corresponding measures according to their own needs. Pick. Among them, the freeze-dried vegetables pass the low-temperature freezing processing technology, only remove the moisture in the pulp without destroying other nutrients, and can maintain the original shape and fresh fruit flavor of the vegetables in a non-polluting and zero-adding process, but it is crunchy and brittle, Conducive to the daily preservation of the family, small packages can be used as flavor snacks. The moisture content of dried vegetables is relatively high, and the pulp is Q-bomb; drying vegetables are the most popular types of dried fruits in the market. They are susceptible to external influences during the production process. The quality of the products varies and needs to be carefully discerned and should be washed and eaten.

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