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Production of food freezing dryer delivery -BEIJING SONGYUAN HUAXING TECHNOLOGY DEVELOP CO., LTD.

Release Date: 2017/7/18 11:09:51 .
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In march, spring, spring breeze gifts, spring breeze stroke, spring, flowers bloom, the earth rejuvenation, all things recovery, a lot of a lot of words can describe this season...

March means spring is coming, the earth melted the ice, warming Yang with the misty rain gradually climbed up the sky, to end hibernating animals hibernate has ended, plants can grow green shoots grow green shoots, and loose source huaxing as spring breeze, also began to meet new opportunities and challenges.

Rome is not build in a day, after 80 hours day and night, production-oriented food freezing dryer LG - 50 in March abroad.


Scope of application

, traditional Chinese medicine health tonic, Chinese wolfberry, ginseng, gastrodia elata, panax notoginseng radix polygoni multiflori, tin caulis dendrobii, Chinese caterpillar fungus, bird's nest, bee products, deer products, etc.;

, all kinds of extract anthocyanin, gingko leaf, nutrient solution, biological agents, agents, enzyme, antibiotics, etc.;

Aquatic products, and meat and poultry eggs sea cucumber, abalone, shellfish, shrimp, fish, beef and mutton, chicken, egg products, etc.

Lynn vice specialty all kinds of edible fungus, wild vegetable, tricholoma matsutake, bamboo-sun, asparagus, fructus momordicae, snake, frog, pollen, etc.;

Fruits and vegetables and soup, all kinds of fruit such as strawberries, raspberries, mango, lemon, apple, peach, etc., all kinds of vegetables such as Onions, garlic, yam, purple potatoes, all kinds of instant soup and beverages such as egg drop soup, seaweed soup, seafood soup, tomato soup, coffee, orange juice, tomato juice, etc.


Beijing Songyuan Huaxing Technology Development Co., Ltd.Founded in 2000, focused on the vacuum freeze drying technology product research, development, production and sales, with "vacuum freeze drier" as the core products, formed for scientific experiment, medical, food industry, different scale, the application of the three series of products and targeted solutions, is the domestic influential vacuum freeze drying equipment and targeted solutions suppliers.

Beijing source of pine huaxing is domestic first is engaged in the vacuum freeze drying technology, the industrial enterprise safety production standardization, headquartered in Beijing, in Shanghai, guangdong, wuhan, xi 'an, chengdu and other places have branches and repair station. At the same time, Beijing source huaxing with excellent technical strength, the products are exported to the United States, Russia, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada and other countries.

Loose source in the process of high-speed growth, Beijing huaxing established a perfect service system, strengthen the customer service from the management mechanism, improve service concept from the enterprise culture, improve customer satisfaction from the system guarantee, expand channels of customer complaints, customer complaints, are encouraged to set up perfect customer complaint handling process and customer complaint handling and performance, bonuses tied directly, enterprise visibility and reputation and customer loyalty enhancement, and has achieved ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification and exports to the eu's CE certification.

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