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How can the energy-saving effect of commercial vacuum freeze dryers become better?

Release Date: Friday 4 . 2020
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  How can the energy-saving effect of commercial vacuum freeze dryers become better?
  Commercial vacuum freeze dryer energy conservation is a topic that everyone is more concerned about now. When we use some equipment, we hope that there can be some ways to make it more energy-saving.
  Equipped with a flexible seal on the feed and discharge device of the vacuum freeze dryer, which can better solve the spillage of smoke in the cylinder and play a good sealing role. The two end covers are highly sealed, which is both energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The electricity consumption is only 30% of similar products, and the coal consumption is only 50%. After drying, the indicators of the materials are higher than the national standards. Copy board, the copy board of this machine adopts lifting medium and high copy board, and the copy boards of different angles are staggered, so that the materials can be fully spread in the barrel, which improves the drying efficiency.
  Most vacuum freeze dryers are non-standard equipment, mainly because the materials handled by each dryer are different. Many drying conditions change with different materials, resulting in changes in the structure and materials of the dryer. Therefore, it is necessary to clarify the specific parameters of the material to be dried, such as the state of the material, the type of moisture contained, the amount of processing, the characteristics of the material in the drying process, if there is no corrosiveness, combustion and explosiveness, whether static electricity is generated, product specific requirements, the thermal sensitivity of the material Temperature, etc., can determine the various parameters of the dryer. For this reason, many dryers cannot be mass-produced. In the design process, attention must be paid to the pertinence of materials and adaptability to working conditions.
  Vacuum freeze dryer physical heat pipe is the use of Huai's physical phase change to transfer heat. The chemical heat pipe utilizes the combination and decomposition of working substances to transfer heat. In the spray drying system, the use of heat pipe heat exchangers to indirectly heat the air has achieved good economic benefits. The working fluid of the heat pipe can be selected according to different liquids, but each working fluid has its suitable working temperature range.
  Steam heat exchanger is an indirect heat exchange device, which is composed of multiple heat dissipation tubes. During heat exchange, one group can be used as required, or multiple groups can be used in series. The exhaust pipe is made of copper or steel material. In order to increase the heat transfer effect, the outer jacket of the pipe is wrapped around the fins, and the finned pipes have good contact. When steam is used as the heat medium, steam is passed through the tube and air is passed between the fins at the tube.
  If the temperature of the hot air inlet of the vacuum freeze dryer is required to be 200 degrees, it is difficult for the general steam heat exchange to meet the requirements. At this time, the cold air can be heated to a certain temperature through the steam heat exchanger, and then enter the electric heater to continue to heat up to reach the required temperature. Electric heating is easy to operate and easy to realize automation, but electricity is a high-grade energy source, and the operating cost is relatively high. It is not suitable for vacuum dryers with low added value materials.

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