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Restricting the development bottleneck of food freeze-drying machine

Release Date: Friday 6 . 2018
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Restricting the development bottleneck of food freeze-drying machine
  The ancients said: Taking history as a mirror can be informed of the rise and fall. To see the future development of a thing, we must know the past and present of this thing. For example, if you want to know the future development of food freeze dryers, then you must understand the current and current development status of food freeze dryers. Yes, maybe you already know that this article is about the current development of food freeze-dryers. As for the future development of food freeze dryers, we will introduce them in future articles.
  Since the reform and opening up, the output of agricultural products and agricultural and sideline products in China has increased steadily, and a process of transition from a poor agricultural product to a rich, even slightly surplus agricultural product has been completed. Local officials throughout the country are also seeking a way out for surplus agricultural products.
  Under this background, a type of food processing method considered to be high-tech and high-value-added, vacuum freeze-dried dehydrated food was selected in many places, and investment and establishment of factories have been carried out all over the country. However, due to various reasons, many enterprises’ food Freeze dryer equipment did not work, forming a typical "day when the factory is closed, is the time to shut up," the strange phenomenon, resulting in many investment areas of "bean curd residue project", to the society and the government has caused a heavy burden.
  The director of a freeze-dried food company told others: Every day, 100 people are busy, coal burns dozens of tons, but they can only produce a small stick of green onions. The water content of the produced product is unqualified, the surface is shrunk, the product texture is soft, and it can be compressed without being broken. The insider cannot think of it as a freeze-dried product, let alone make oral foreign exchange, and some people still force freeze-dried foods. In the domestic market, the consequences are the same as those of fruit and vegetable chips in previous years, and they have smashed their own markets.
  The lyophilized food processed by a realfood Freeze dryer is such that the water content is ≤ 5%, the appearance is complete, the product does not shrink substantially, the product texture is extremely brittle, and the pressure is slightly broken.
  Although food freeze-dryers and medical food Freeze dryer are the same freeze-drying equipment, there are many differences due to different applications. On the surface, there is almost no similarity between the two, but they are essentially the same. They all follow the same lyophilization principle. Because of the different applications of different objects, they have adopted different technical means. This is the result of the specific analysis of specific problems. Domestic and foreign equipment manufacturers, due to differences in understanding level, are frozen in food. There aren't many similar or similar views on the dryer, so there are various combinations of basic subject structures, far from forming the standard combination that some of the self-professed “experts” in China want to have. For the user, it is very important that the cost and energy consumption levels are inconsistent and do not constitute any proportional relationship among the various basic body structure combinations. However, many manufacturers of food Freeze dryer do not recognize these factors. As a result, the equipment is complicated in structure, cumbersome in operation, and large in energy consumption. The added value of the pharmaceutical industry is very high, so the medical food freeze dryer has been widely used. The added value of food industry products is very low. The food freeze-drying machine has huge energy consumption, high maintenance costs, and the technical level of the operating staff. As a constraint factor, the cost of freeze-dried foods is extremely high, which affects the market sales of freeze-dried foods. The bottleneck restricting the development of food freeze-dryers is the production cost of freeze-dried foods, more specifically, food freeze-dried and its energy consumption, product qualification rate and degree of automation.
  This is the current domestic development of food Freeze dryer . Of course, this is only a brief description, and it may not be entirely correct. This article is just to play a role in attracting more and more people. The knowledge of more food freeze-dryers needs to be discussed together.

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