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The rapid development of Pilot Freeze Dryer is due to this

Release Date: Friday 6 . 2018
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The rapid development of Pilot Freeze Dryer is due to this
It is reported that the drying of materials is often due to the following reasons: to make the material flowable, easy to handle, easy to store and store, reduce transportation costs, obtain the desired product quality, and so on. In the pharmaceutical industry, the demand for dry equipment in China in the next few years will be huge, and the demand will not increase.
In recent years, considerable progress has been made in the pilot freeze dryer industry, and product quality and after-sales service are also steadily increasing. According to experts, the mature level of quality management is also relatively high in industries with higher market maturity, higher social concerns, higher customer requirements, and fiercer competition. Such as pilot freeze dryer industry
The development of pilot-operated refrigerated dryers also requires energy-saving and comprehensive energy utilization, such as the use of various joint heating methods, transplantation of heat pumps and heat pipe technology, and the development of solar refrigeration dryers, etc.; and the development of automatic control technology for refrigeration dryers. In order to ensure the realization of optimal operating conditions; In addition, with the human attention to environmental protection, improve the pilot-type freeze dryer environmental protection measures to reduce the leakage of dust and exhaust gas, etc., will also need to be in-depth research direction.
China's pilot freeze dryer manufacturers must continue to learn from international advanced technology, combined with practical experience, to explore new processes, to the large-scale, high-intensity, high-economic trends continue to develop. With the change in market demand, the competitive landscape of domestic pilot freeze dryers has been broken down, and manufacturers have grown from a few companies to dozens of manufacturers, and the level of product technology has developed rapidly. Compared with foreign products, the gap has increased. The smaller the development of China's pilot-type freeze dryer industry, has been highly valued by the world's peers.
In today's society, green environmental protection, energy conservation and consumption reduction have become global topics and have been cited by consumers as an important consideration in selecting products. For this reason, many companies have taken advantage of the situation to develop green machinery products. The pilot freeze dryer equipment is favored by customers because of its green equipment.
With the severe invasion of haze days, the society must pay attention to the strategic viewpoints of energy conservation, emission reduction, sustainable development, environmental protection, and conservation-oriented society in today's society. In addition, energy shortages have received attention from all over the world, and the traditional concept considers the high energy consumption of vacuum drying equipment because it requires a vacuum pump. However, there was no real comparison of energy consumption when the same material was dried to the same moisture content. In fact, vacuum drying is drying at a low temperature in an enclosed space, and energy waste is relatively small.
In spite of this, the energy saving of the pilot freeze dryer is still the key to development. Compared with other types of drying equipment, the energy-saving focus of pilot freeze dryer equipment should be on the rational design, selection and use of vacuum systems.
There are not many vacuum systems capable of pumping steam. At present, there are two main categories. One is a pump capable of directly pumping water vapor. The main ones are water jet pumps, steam jet pumps, water ring pumps, and wet roots pumps; It is using condensation to catch water. Both of these methods consume relatively high energy. The direction of the former type of energy saving should be to increase the pumping efficiency of the pump; the latter type of energy saving is directed toward the design of the structure and thermal efficiency of the gas-solid phase changer.
The continuous vacuum LGJ freeze dryer equipment is an important method to increase product output and save energy. The continuous vacuum drying equipment has less auxiliary time than the periodic vacuum drying equipment, which saves time and increases the output. At the same time, he does not need to change the temperature of the equipment once every cycle, as in the cyclic vacuum drying equipment, resulting in part of the energy wasted on repeated heating of the equipment components. Therefore, energy is saved.
Industry insiders pointed out that domestic companies have accelerated the study of vacuum drying technology, which has reduced energy consumption to a certain extent, reduced pollution, brought more benefits and value to society, and made due contribution to the realization of green production and low-carbon production. contribution. At this stage, however, China's pilot freeze dryer revolution has not been successful. Manufacturers of pilot-type freeze dryers generally have low innovation capabilities. Poor enterprises that can introduce new technologies and new products with independent intellectual property rights have resulted in slow development of drying technologies. Knowledge achievements have not been effectively translated into actual productivity. At present, the R&D and innovation of technologies in the field of drying equipment mainly rely on universities and research institutes. Due to the disconnection of companies, it is difficult to effectively turn knowledge achievements into productivity.
It can be seen that in this regard, China's relevant enterprises should carry out comprehensive, multi-level energy-saving technological transformation, vigorously develop the application of renewable energy and industrial waste heat drying technology, and comprehensively promote China's vacuum drying technology reform and application.

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